Things to consider while buying men’s wedding rings

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Buying jewellery of any kind for a woman is easy and simple; but if you have to buy any jewellery, says a ring for men, then is it going to be a complex task. Firstly as we know unlike women, men have very limited options to buy when it comes to jewellery. Jewellery is more so associated with women; however, it is no more the case in today’s era. Today men flaunt rings and chains made of gold, silver and diamonds as a part of their attire. However, the most worn and preferred option to buy is men’s rings. Buying men’s wedding rings can be very complex if certain things are not considered before making the final decision.

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ no more a cliché!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ is a cliché, but when the very precious stones come in sparkling colours, it’s surely takes her breath away.

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These days designers from all over the world craft immaculate and magnificent art work that can woo most women. With enticing colours and all new fashion leading retailers like Warren James stock beautiful diamond jewellery collection like earrings, necklace, rings and there are more to add to the list that can make you go bananas! Some of these collections comprise crafted motifs of flowers, leaves and paisleys. Read the full post »

Charms can bring a lot of lady luck to your 2013 calendar!

Charm, Dropper Charms, Threader Charms, Stonest Charms

Luck is the factor that decides your progress! Finding hard work through success isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s just dependent on the luck entirely. No matter whether you turn around every stone, you get what you desire if your luck supports you. So, why not actually enhance your lady luck through charms? Read the full post »

The world is gung-ho about inspired Jewellery!

Whether a men or women, everyone likes to make a statement. Nothing is better than making it with a lavish jewellery design hanging over your neck or worn in your fingers. Jewellery designers are setting in motion a new trend of inspired jewellery! There is a lot of buzz word and craze about wearing jewellery inspired from celebrities or renowned personalities.

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Wedding Rings will revamp your personality radically this summer!

Wedding is considered as one of the most pivotal transition in a person’s life! Wedding is a once in lifetime experience for most! Exchanging rings on wedding or engagement has been a long run phenomenon in most cultures globally! Different Cultures celebrate their wedding differently and every culture has a unique dogma attached with weddings. Some people wear it on the right ring finger while some on the left one.

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