Know More About History And Hidden Facts Of Sterling Silver Charms

Sterling silver charms are latest fashion trend these days among both boys as well as girls. College girls find it as good fashionable accessories; hence most of the girls these days are wearing these pieces of jingly jewelries. However, you will find it interesting to know that these jingly jewelries are not just for fashion statement, but they are symbol of good luck for the people in earlier days. Do you know the exact history behind charms? Read onto to know more about history of charms, and their relevance for the people in the past.

Look Into History Of Charm Bracelet

Silver charmsin bracelets are not new, but they are century old. Originally the charms were popular as talisman or kind of spiritual aid, thus people in earlier days used to wear it for bringing good luck to them. It was highly popular in Queen Victoria’s era, which is about hundred years ago. The concept of charm was well known to the Egyptians. They used to wear charms with their bracelets. In primitive era or Neolithic age, people used to consider stone as their charm. You might have seen images where they used to tie stone as their charm. They do not have pockets in their dresses so they bored a whole in the stone to put the charm in their neck chain or leather belt.

Real Sterling Silver Pink Crystal Threader Charm

Silver Charms Expresses Strong Bonding

Silver charms are quite effective in expressing strong bonding between your loved ones. There are certain things, which you do not easily expressing. Parents give it to their sons and daughters for enhancing the love and affection between them. Parents are generally bothered about their children, who are staying away from them such as in hostels. They believe that these charms will make the bonding between them strong. Children staying away from their parents tend to miss their parents. Thus, parents tie a charm in their bracelets or chain, so that whenever their children look into their bracelet or chain, they could remind their parents.

Sterling Silver Charms Are Fashion Accessories For Even Boys

Nowadays, even boys are wearing sterling silver charms in their neck. Boys in today’s generation wear it as fashion accessories, but not consider it as a good luck. However, in early days, men used to believe that wearing charm in their neck will bring good luck for them. Boys do not prefer to wear jingly charms. They wear simple charms in their chains around their neck.

Though gold is much attractive than silver, but silver charms are much popular among the people. Gold actually tradition and class, but sterling silver charms are effective ways of expressing love and emotion. Moreover, it is much easier to inscribe on sterling silver than gold or any other metal. Therefore, charm makers generally prefer sterling silver to make charms. Thus, silver charms are lovely gifts, which you can give to your loved ones on their special occasion. Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Marriage Anniversary, and many other special occasions are when you can gift these wonderful jewelry pieces to your beloved.

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